John Dimond

As a survivor of childhood trauma, relationship breakdown, addiction, anxiety, depression, rage and deep grief, I know first-hand the suffering life can send our way. I also know how important it is to have a therapist that really understands what it's like. Someone that's able to draw out the inner strength they know I have and to fill my heart with hope for the future. I found that person, and for that I will be forever so grateful. It was that experience that set me on my journey of over 22 years now, as a crisis and relationship counsellor. I've gained several credentials, completed professional training and seen countless individuals and couples practising the therapy styles that work so well; person centred, cognitive behavioural, emotional and solution focused, mindfulness and gestalt. Whilst I value my formal education, it is abundantly clear to me that my greatest teachers, trainers and mentors have and will always be, my clients. If you are feeling stuck, scared, hopeless or alone and want to feel safe, hopeful, and excited for the future. I’m here. If you need a person to help facilitate open, honest, and productive conversations with your partner. I'm here. The great philosopher Lao Tzu said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I’d be honoured to take that step with you.

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