Kristy-Lee Dawson is a member of the Supportive Care Counselling team.

Kristy-Lee Dawson

I started my career as a High School Teacher where I became aware of my ability to connect, empathise and help individuals who were going through a rough time with their mental health. When my daughter was born, I had time to study a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology which led me into a fulfilling role at Relationships Australia, where I helped parents who were going through separations. I worked in the safe rooms of the local court to help women who were victims of domestic violence. Whilst at Relationships Australia, I started my Masters of Counselling. When I started working at Family and Community Services, I found this education to be essential for me to be able to help families. I provide in-home counselling to residents of the Central Coast as part of my business, Evergreen Counselling Services. My approach is integrative and I use the relationship-based and trauma-informed practice to work with my clients, to develop the best counselling approach for their individual goals and needs. I am an evidence-based, empathetic counsellor and I use my skills and techniques to provide the most impactful and effective counselling to my clients.

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